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ViBAN® is a true advance in flight training. Its design is revolutionary and comfort unmatched. ViBAN outperforms bulkier devices hands down. Amazingly, ViBAN® weighs only an ounce!

Pilots prefer ViBAN® over other IFR view-limiting devices because its ultra lightweight and more comfortable. Skillfully engineered, ViBAN® provides a perfect view of the instrument panel while providing complete occlusion forward and to the side.

ViBAN® is soothing to the eyes because it is black. A distinct advantage to white or foggy types. And ViBAN® wont scratch like foggy lenses. Made from a high-tech polymer, ViBAN® is tough and wont warp. Try ViBAN® and youll see why it is fast becoming the choice of flight instructors and students everywhere. ViBAN® ® comes complete with durable case and quick adjustment cord.

Key features to the ViBAN®

  • View-limiting device 
  • Most lightweight, comfortable, and durable VLD made.
  • Weighs only one ounce, so it is comfortable even on the longest flights.
  • Will not scratch. Avoid the frustration of cloudy and scratched lenses common with polycarbonate lenses.
  • Reduces eye strain. Black is neutral to the eye and less irritating than white, yellow or frosted colors.
  • Will not cause the blinding effect polycarbonate lenses create when flying into the sun.
  • Folds compactly, so it’s easily stored.
  • Handy belt loop on case for easy access during flight.
  • Case and cord are included at no extra charge.
  • The maximum vision blocking strip is included at no extra charge to help with even the lowest window lines.
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