Surecheck Mooney M20k 252TSE Checklist

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Our exclusive professional-grade 15 MIL low-gloss (matte) laminate will not scratch or delaminate. Our lamination is the same used by commercial operations and is the strongest available in the industry! Our sealed-edge construction holds up better to wear, usage, and sunlight and is impermeable to water, oil, etc.



Includes ALL V-speeds in knots and MPH

Oil, tire and fuel information checks

Cruise performance settings for various levels

Convenient flap and gear extension speed in the correct section of the checklist

Clear, concise information everything an experienced pilot needs

Matte-finish is glare-free, resists scratching and is completely indestructable.


Easy to use scale ruler for TAC and sectional charts.

Includes full emergency procedures, such as engine failures, fires, emergency descent, electrical, prop, gear and Vmc procedures (which aircraft manuals may not clearly express)

ATC light signals for both ground and air

UV coating protects against fading from sunlight (common in plastic-type checklists)

Full-color, double-sided format designed with red-light reading in mind.



Size 5.25" x 8.00"
13cm x 20cm
Construction Non-glare (matte) 15 MIL, UV coated, scratch resistant,
indestructible sealed card
Printing Magazine-quality 2400 DPI full-color, double-sided
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