SKYGRAZERS A Story of the Flying Farmers

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SKYGRAZERS is an uplifting documentary film that celebrates a resilient group of aviators, brings to light the root of the pilot shortage, and the importance of agriculture, while illustrating triumphant stories and struggles of the International Flying Farmers.

Living the dream, these steadfast explorers have their own planes and grass airstrips in their backyards, with the freedom to fly anywhere, anytime! Established at the end of WWII, the International Flying Farmers emerged out of necessity, flourished and grew to thousands of members, and today, in changing times of general aviation and farming, face the threat of extinction.

Colette Pierce, a woman who had always dreamed of flying in her own plane, took a leap and was crowned Queen of the International Flying Farmer's, embarking on a year of flying with her husband, Ken a rancher and pilot. Suddenly one fateful day, their floatplane crashed, leaving Colette with a sudden fear of flying. With these new challenges, Colette and the International Flying Farmers must somehow find the path to overcome and thrive once again to inspire future pilots and young farmers.

75 Minutes runtime



 Annmarie Aronoff, Chris Aronoff


 Annmarie Aronoff


 Kim Handysides
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