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The Strato is a 5" x 7" clip board surface, large enough for a AFD and/or half sheet note pad. It includes a clear negative G strap to hold papers and books in place, and a 7-ring tab is included for approach plates or flight planning protectors (clip rings sold separately). The reversable/removable negative-G strap and 7-ring tab make it easy to customize for a left or right-handed pilot. It is the first knee board with the Air Lift system. Air Lift is a system of sandwich mesh, padding and vented leg strap to allow air circulation underneath the clip board to keep the user comfortable in extreme weather. The unique design of the leg strap attachments allow the strap to make 360 degree contact with the leg. This means that the strap does not have to be as tight to prevent slippage during the rigors of flight.

There are 10 pen/pencil loops. Eight of the loops are large enough for a mini-mag, high-lighter or spare batteries. Finally, when finished with flying the leg strap can be neatly stowed and the knee board closed into a minimal storage configuration without having to remove any of the pilot’s gear. The Strato is made of Ballistic Nylon.

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