PilotShields Pro Sunglasses, Bronze

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The only sunglasses designed by a pilot / eye doctor, specifically for pilots! PilotShields are the first aviator-specific sunglasses made with Polycarbonate lenses--the same material used in F-16 firghter jets for safety against bird strikes, etc.

-100%UV protection to reduce risk of developing cataract and macular degeneration

-Latest anti-scratch coating, but any lens can scratch. Only PilotShields are warranted for that--just return to manufacturer for lens replacement

-Fully adjustable, prescription ophthalmic frame with spring hinges for maximum comfort, even under a headset

Since an individual's scotopic (night-time) vision is most sensitive in the shorter wavelengths (blue/green), these bronzePilotShields lenses absorb the blues, thus allowing fast night vision adaptation after your PilotShields are removed at dusk. Also, fog consists of relatively large droplets which scatter all wavelenghts of light equally. Thus, there is no benefit to having tinted lenses in fog. But pilots are acutely aware of how visibility drops off when flying in a haze layer. The atmospheric haze is caused by smoke and other fine suspended particles. Unlike fog, haze causes small particle scatter which is wavelenght-dependent. The bronze PilotShields reduce unwanted scattered light from entering our eyes by absorbing shorter wavelength light, which is that light most scattered by small particles.

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