Mountain Flying Bible

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This bestselling, beautifully laid out book is the mountain flying partner for the beginner or experienced mountain aviator.

Stay out of Trouble - Learn the basic, intermediate and advanced techniques of mountain flying. The book is arranged in the sequence of an actual flight for ease of use, covering Preflight, Take off, En route, Arrival and Landing. Move into advanced operations with ease and safety.

Airplane Performance - Learn to anticipate how your airplane will perform in the mountains.

Weather - Learn the weather information required for peace of mind and increased pleasure.

Simplify your Flying - Comprehensive book with helpful Icons, Rules of Thumb, Formulas, and Secrets. Indispensable for the novice or experienced pilot.

The book is laid out in the sequence of a typical flight, thus making information easy to locate when you need it. It covers preflight, takeoff, en route, arrival, and landing.  Additional information includes aircraft and pilot considerations, preplanning, weather, weight and balance, the magnetic compass, airspeed indicator, altimeter, state aeronautics listings.

Rules of thumb pertaining to each section are summarized at the end of each chapter. The appendix contains aeronautical information, formulas and a lesson plan for mountain flying lessons.

Each section contains icons that serve as flags to draw your attention to meaningful, nice-to-know, need-to-know, advisory, precautionary and warning information.  The photographs have simplified the understanding of various procedures making it easy to visualize explanations. An additional 16 pages of color photos has been added.

Published May 2005
Paperback, 528 pages

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