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APR’s MK-2A/C is a military pilot’s kneeboard. The kneeboard is contoured to comfortably fit either leg with foam pads that prevent movement. The quick-release buckle on an adjustable elastic leg strap allows for quick and easy removal.

The kneeboard has two heavy-duty clips that open to 1” to hold flight plans, charts, maps, or an approach plate book. A pilot’s name panel is at the top of the board. The MK-2A/C has two pencil holders: one at the top, angled for quick pick-up to write clearances, and a spare on the side of the board.

The kneeboard comes with a pad of en route IFR flight logs that show example log sheets. VFR and IFR logs are available for purchase.

Lifetime, non-glare anodized aluminum, 9 ¾" x 5 3/8".
Made In USA

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