Leather Mic Muff / Cover for Dynamic Mic

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The Leather Microphone Cover for Dynamic Microphones lets a noise canceling mic do its job above 97dB. It eliminates ambient cockpit noise and noise from radios and intercom. The noisier the cockpit (warbirds, open cockpit, large engine aircraft), the more dramatic the improvement in noise reduction and clarity. The Leather Mic Cover must be used on all mics installed in the communications system for maximum benefit. Includes a soft leatherette cover over a foam sleeve to create a chamber around the mic. Cockpit noise has limited access to mic cartridges, but voice enters easily through holes in leatherette cover. And, it doesn’t blow away!

REMEMBER: Every headset microphone in an intercom system MUST have the Leather Microphone Cover installed for them to be effective! The only exception is push-to-talk intercom systems.

This is for Dynamic Microphones

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