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The 2023 Gleim FAR/AIM consolidates the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) into one easy-to-use reference book.  They provide an expanded FAR index and an expanded AIM index.

Most books create additional work for the user. In contrast, the Gleim FAR/AIM simplifies and facilitates your effort. The text format, bigger and darker type, indentations, two-column structure, and spacing are designed to make it easier to read, learn, and understand. A comprehensive FAR index in front of the book and AIM index at the back of the book make it easier to find pertinent portions of the FARs and/or AIM than do government indexes.

Product Features:

  • Flight bag size - smaller, more compact and lightweight (7" x 9") book
  • Expanded and Easy-to-Use Indexes for both the FAR and the AIM
  • SFARs now included!
  • A comprehensive reference for all pilots
  • NTSB Part 830 also included
  • Full color AIM images
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