Flying Carpets, Flying Wings The Biography of Moye W. Stephens

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Aviation history documents the Flying Carpets, Flying Wings book as the first factual narrative of a world flight.  It is more than just a biography about the pilot Moye W. Stephens, however.  It is about his friends and the strength of their bonds.

Pilot Stephens

Moye earned his pilot license at Rogers and Clover Fields in 1924.  Eddie Bellande taught him to fly.  Flying jobs during college kept him in the cockpit. Maddux Airlines hired him as a captain for their Ford trimotors.  Following that, he transitioned to Transcontinental Airlines and TWA.  Moye promoted Lockheed’s Electra after the world flight.   In 1939, he helped found Northrop Corporation.  Besides being a member of the board, he flew as a prototype test pilot.

The World Flight  Makes Aviation History

Moye received a call from adventure author Richard Halliburton in 1930.  He wanted Moye to fly him around the world.  Moye agreed and selected a Stearman C -3B for the journey.  The flight took them to Timbuctoo, Mt. Everest, and Borneo.  They gave rides to princesses and the king of headhunters.  Eighteen months after departing Grand Central Airport, they returned from an accident-free world journey.

Book Description

As in all Little Buttes aviation history books, there are loads of images to highlight the factual text. Paperback, 350 pages.

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