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The Student Pilot Handbook, the first and only flight operations handbook for student pilots, now comes complete with illustrated flight maneuvers. Takeoffs, landing, and basic flight training maneuvers are clearly explained step-by-step with illustrations and diagrams. Both visual and instrument illustrations are presented for each flight attitude to emphasize the VR/IR learning method recommended by the FAA. Complete with communications, cross-country planning, solo checklists, and pre-solo written exam, the Student Pilot Handbook is basic equipment for the pilot training in today's airspace. There is even an oral exam and flight test study guide to help the student prepare for the private pilot check ride. 

Procedures from startup to shutdown develop good basic operating practices and insure safe and legal student solo flights. The concise outline format of the book helps the student to quickly relate the rules and regulations to each and every training flight saving hours of expensive flight time. It's simply easier to fly with this handbook than without it! Completely revised with over 50 charts and illustrations, the 88 page Student Pilot Handbook gives the student pilot all the information when it's needed, where it's needed, in the cockpit!

The Student Pilot Handbook has all the checklists, flight maneuvers and procedures, flight planning, training syllabus and check ride preparation in one convenient handbook. Pertinent to all single engine aircraft it is simply easier to fly with this handbook than without it! Organize your information, learn correct procedures and develop safe flying habits that will last a lifetime.

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