Flight Crew Logbook

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The Flight Crew Logbook was developed as an alternative to bridge the gap between flights and the time of entry into an electronic log or larger traditional logbook. It offers a user friendly and more personalized flight logbook experience than other pocket sized logbooks while maintaining the standard in which most traditional logbooks are kept. The Flight Crew Logbook was primarily designed for professional pilots, but all advanced pilots may find it to be useful. 

The Flight Crew Logbook has the same dimensions as a passport with a thickness of 1/2 inch and was designed to fit into the pocket of a pilot uniform shirt. The durable blue cover and logbook pages are bound together with a black spiral coil. Flight Crew Logbook pages are printed on a heavier weighted paper than most pocket logbooks for greater durability, higher quality, and to prevent bleed through from page to page. Each logbook contains 90 days of flying (approx. 6 months). Each day of flying has 9 legs, a minutes conversion chart, time total lines, and a space for notes to record things such as flight crew names, tips, and other desired information. Flight Crew Logbook also meets FAA and IRS record keeping requirements.

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