FAA Computer Testing Supplement For Instrument Rating

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This is the same book issued during the FAA Knowledge Exams at the computer testing centers. These "figures books" are exactly as released by the FAA, with all charts reproduced in full color.

**Please NOTE: This book is included free with the Instrument Rating Test Prep book. Also, electronic files of this book are included in the Prepware software (which also ships with Instrument Rating Virtual Test Prep). You do not need to order this item separately if you have the Test Prep book, Prepware, or Virtual Test Prep DVD ground schools. You will receive the necessary figures with those products.


CT-8080-3E, 2005 + Addendum A, 2014

Dimensions: 8.25" x 10.75"

Page Count3E (176 pages), Addendum A (112 pages)

Illustrations: Black and White, some color

Weight:1.6 lbs

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