Endorsed by Earhart: How Amelia Financed her Flying

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Aviation history reveals that Amelia became the most sought-after celebrity to endorse products. As a result of her 1928 flight in the Friendship, she became an American icon.  In addition, she photographed well!

The Endorsements Which Contributed to Her Aviation History

Amelia endorsed everything from cars to candy. This included aircraft, parachutes, and magazines. In addition, Amelia endorsed a line of luggage which endures today.  It’s not the original manufacturer, but still popular.  Companies that Amelia endorsed printed cards with her image and relevant description.  The Doughnut Corporation of America and Mars Confections are two.  Endorsing the Beechnut Company provided Amelia with a gyrocopter. 

Book Description

As in all Little Buttes aviation history books, there are loads of images to highlight the factual text.  Every endorsement in the book includes an image and history of the company.  Hard cover with dust jacket, 110 pages 

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