Crystal Pilot GA Recording Cable w/ P Adapter

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Crystal Pilot GA Recording Cable w/ P Adapter

This is what you have been asking for! Crystal Pilot has developed a professional grade audio cable for Flight Flix packed with audio filtering and features like no other. The professional grade shielded cables, along with the filtering circuitry, deliver the cleanest audio possible to your camera or device. This design gives you more than just crystal clear audio and power; you can also change adapters to fit nearly any camera or device.

Smart Phone / Device Audio Adapter - This audio adapter is a high quality shielded cable that plugs into any 4 pole audio input on any smart phone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, etc. with a standard 3.5mm input). If you have a newer phone without the 3.5mm port, then there are dongle adapters available that plug into your charge port on your phone.

Crystal Filter Box - Any audio heard in your headset is recorded from the aircraft audio jack, filtered through the Crystal Filter Box, then sent through the adapter cable to your device.

Aircraft Cable - This GA cable simply plugs into your existing general aviation intercom audio jack. If you also fly helicopters, you can change to our Crystal Pilot Helicopter cable.

Device Adapters - Many people have multiple cameras and smart devices. Rather than purchase a single purpose cable for each, you can plug in our adapters for any device needed.

Checkout out our other adapters to adapt this cable to your other camera or smart device.


  • Adapter G - Gopro Hero 5, 6, 7, 8, and 5 Session
  • Adapter H - Gopro Hero 3 & 4
  • Adapter D - Drift Ghost 4K & X
  • Adapter V - Garmin Virb Elite & Ultra 30
  • Adapter S - Sony, DJI, DSLR, & 3.5mm Digital Audio (3 pole)
  • Adapter P - Smart Phone (all iPhone, droid, windows smart devices)


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