Comm1: IFR Radio Simulator CD-Rom

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Most seasoned pilots agree that talking to ATC just gets easier with practice. That kind of practice can be costly -- Comm1: IFR can save valuable training and BFR dollars. Comm1: IFRoffers a heightened interactive training experience with new and enhanced features including:

  • Over 9 hours of comprehensive radio training
  • Realistic rapid-fire ATC exchanges
  • Complex IFR scenarios
  • 76 detailed briefings
  • 55 interactive communication exercises
  • Over 800 colorful diagrams, aeronautical charts and approach plates

Comm1: IFR showcases the same type of realistic pilot-ATC audio dialogue, detailed flight scenarios and interactive simulation exercises that have been praised as the winning ingredients of Comm1: VFR Radio Simulator.

Comm1: IFR focuses on honing and perfecting radio skills. By de-mystifying the "system" through step-by-step audio sequences and breaking down the radio calls that controllers rattle off into definable bits of information, Comm1: IFR helps pilots to become smarter and more confident in the cockpit. Pilots also have the opportunity to practice unusual IFR situations such as Radar Approaches, so they are better prepared to handle the unexpected. The goal of Comm1: Radio Simulator is to make radio communications "second nature" for pilots, so they can concentrate on flying the airplane.

Comm1: IFR will challenge the instrument student or refresher pilot to demonstrate proper ATC phraseology and become proficient in their radio skills with rich visual and audio descriptions of every type of airport, enroute and airspace environment that pilots encounter under Instrument Flight Rules, including emergency and equipment outage situations. Interactive conversations with Clearance Delivery, Departure, Enroute, Approach, Tower and Ground controllers are among the 55 simulated exchanges pilots will experience using Comm1: IFR. Its comprehensive 9-hour syllabus follows a logical and systematic progression for instrument students learning IFR operations and the many variables that can be encountered at different stages of flight

System Requirements:

Compatible with both Windows and MAC
Requires CD-ROM drive, sound card, speakers, and microphone highly recommended.

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