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Cavernous storage for multi-day missions. Fit large items, clothing, books, flight helmets, clipboards, or documents.
This item does not include a Main Handle or Shoulder Strap. If building a custom bag, make sure your order includes one or both.

The CS11 was designed primarily for pilots that frequently travel overnight.  It will swallow several changes of clothes,  a 13” laptop with room for binders and documents, or a small cooler.  In addition to aviation, in its B18 Carryall configuration, the CS11 works well in the Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical fields.

The CS11 is 13.5” x 10.5” x 11”.  (And remember, it is a soft bag so it can expand slightly in every direction.) The CS11 can attach to all of the FLEX System modules.

This item does not include a Main Handle or Shoulder Strap. If building a custom bag, make sure your order includes one or both.

The CS11 has a pocket directly on top for quick access to credit cards, change, small flashlight, etc.  Opening the main compartment, one will find a gray interior for finding items easier.  The CS11 comes with two vertical dividers for better organization of files, binders, or documents.  One can also easily place a 13” laptop inside the main compartment.  Remove the vertical dividers to open up the main compartment for clothes, dopp kit, cooler, etc.

There are four FLEX-Mount pocket stations on the outside of the bag, two on each side. You can install any four of your choice of the FLEX System side pockets onto the sides of the CS11 at these stations, including the Side Pocket Delta (Double Pocket).

The CS11 is the main Center Section of the B18 HANGAR.  The B18 consists of two end caps (pocket and flat) a CS11, CS2, CS5, and four pockets.  This is the largest Pre-Configured bag in the FLEX System inventory.  The B18 allows you to zip in your clothes or extra equipment when traveling, and when done simply remove the center section or sections that are no longer needed . The intent being that you do not have to re-arrange your equipment when changing missions.  Simply add and remove the Center Sections.

The CS11 makes a nice bag on its own with end caps.  The CS11 was not designed to be used on its own because of the potential damage to exposed zippers.  Add pocket and flat caps to complete the fit and finish of the bag.  Load your clothes in the CS11, your personal items in the Pocket Cap Front, and your iPad and documents in the Flat Cap Rear, for example.

The CS11 can also fit onto telescoping suitcase handles.  Unzip a zipper on the side of the CS11 and slide the telescoping handle through the opening.  This secures the CS11 to the handle.  The CS11 will then sit on the top of the luggage.

The bottom of the bag has four plastic "skid plates" to help keep the bottom of the bag off the ground.

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