Natural Energy in a Can, 10 Liters

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Give yourself a Boost!

Oxygen deficiency symptoms include fatigue, stress, loss of energy and lack of focus. Even though oxygen is not required at 10,000 feet, an hour of cruise flight at that level might leave you with a less than desirable number on your pulse oximeter. A couple breathes of Oxygen will help bring you back up.

Containing 95% pure oxygen, these disposable cans are easy to use and make a great back up for installed systems. Available in Large 10 Liters cans with a connected mask that contain over 200 one-second inhalations.

LARGE = 10 Liters, Over 200 One-Second Inhalations.

Oxygen is the single most important substance to life. All-natural Boost Oxygen can help fight oxygen deficiency with no caffeine and no calories!

Oxygen deficiency symptoms include fatigue, stress, loss of energy, jet lag, and lack of focus and can be caused by physical activity, stress, poor air quality, travel, toxins and many other factors.

Oxygen directly fuels 90% of all body and mind functions. The average purity level of Oxygen in the air is 21%. BOOST Canned Oxygen is 95% Pure.

A few deep breaths of Boost Oxygen helps you stay at your best.

Pro Athletes regularly use supplemental oxygen. Oxygen is also commonly used by mountain climbers, weightlifters, spas, universities, casinos and hotels worldwide for a variety of benefits both physical and mental. Oxygen WORKS.

Boost Oxygen is all-natural, and contains no caffeine, no calories or any other unnatural stimulants.

Eat Nutritionally. Keep Hydrated. Stay Oxygenated. Enjoy your own portable and personal oxygen cans with Boost!

Boost Oxygen is not a prescription or a medical device. It is for recreational purposes only. It is not a substitute for individuals who have been prescribed Medical Oxygen (99% Purity) for health reasons.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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