PNR AC260 PNR Child Headset with music port

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Featuring AVCOMM's exclusive patented PNR™ (passive noise reduction) technology and a built-in iPod/MP3 port, the AC260 PNR is a comfortable colorful headset for kids or adults who need a smaller headset.

Key Features:

  • Built-in iPod/MP3 port
  • AVCOMM exclusive patented PNR™ audio technology
  • Perfect for kids or those who need a smaller headset
  • Simple and affordable design
  • Larger volume control knob — easy for a child to use
  • Ultra-lite Neodymium speakers
  • Lighter weight for added comfort
  • Higher noise attenuation
  • Acoustic mic muff included
  • Full five-year factory warranty

The AC260 PNR features a unique head band and wire boom made exclusively for children or adults with head sizes 21" or less. Adjust it small enough for a young child or expand it easily to fit smaller adults, or even add an optional full-size head band and ear seals for a full-size headset.

AVCOMM's specially designed ear seals for the AC260 PNR fit closely to a child's ear, since larger ear seals would fall below the jaw line and greatly reduce noise attenuation.

Inside, the latest PNR™ technology is put into action with ultra-lite Neodymium speakers. Your child may not notice, but you'll appreciate the richer, smoother frequency response. The powerful magnetic core and diaphragm provide higher sensitivity and optimized response. The speaker is a thin-lightweight 4/10th's of an ounce, reducing headset weight for added comfort. The advanced speaker installation technique enhances audio performance, reduces annoying inner ear cup vibrations and increases noise attenuation.

Built for rugged use, the AC260 PNR features a larger volume control that is very easy for a child to use, stainless steel construction, simple operation, an acoustic mic muff to protect against moisture and wind noise, gold plated mic and headphone plugs, high impact ABS ear cups, durable copper wire with spiral shielding to eliminate RF interference and a polyurethane cover for added abrasion resistance and flexibility, plus a full five-year factory warranty.

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