TELEX Airman 8 ANR Headset | Double-sided, Dual PJ connector, 600Ω

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The Telex Airman 8 aviation headset with battery-free active noise reduction (ANR) is designed specifically for optimizing pilot communications in commercial and business turbine aircraft. 

Building on the tradition of the Airman 850, the Airman 8 has improved durability, intelligibility, and comfort making it the lightest Active Noise Reduction headset on the market and the only FAA TSO-C139a approved ANR headset to utilize Telex’s proprietary battery-free system. The ANR switch has been placed on the forward-facing ear cup side allowing an easier reach without having to remove the headset. A high-quality, amplified, electret microphone provides clear voice transmission while improved ANR and noise cancellation ensures superior in-flight communication. 

Extending its useful life, the headset is constructed with a stainless steel headband with metal pivots and a pre-coiled, overhead coiled cord. The microphone boom design provides stronger rotational stops utilizing the full diameter of the ear cup. The soft headband pad combined with a lightweight design improves comfort—even on long flights; further enhancing comfort, the yoke allows the ear cups to move in all directions. An acoustic limiter protects users against sudden increases in sound levels.

This Airman 8 ANR headset is double-sided, with a dual PJ-068 and PJ-055 connector, and has a 600Ω impedance.

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