Aggressor Kalamata Glass Aviator Sunglasses

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Kalamata Glass Aggressor Aviator Sunglasses for pilots W/ TRIVEX Anti-Glare lenses which exceed the strict U.S. Military sunglasses requirement MIL-SPEC #25948J for U.S. Military combat pilots. FAA and U.S. Military pilot approved non-polarized lenses.

TRIVEX Anti Glare lenses are the most expensive, and technologically advanced lenses made today that are superior to all other lenses. TRIVEX Anti-Glare lenses filter out glare but don’t filter out color like polarized lenses do.

404C stainless steel frames plated in 10 karat gold. So light you will forget you are wearing them.

100% high altitude UV 400 protection against UV A & B built into the lens. Glass lenses have a UV protection coating that deteriorates over time.

Lifetime Warranty.

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