TELEX Airman 8+ ANR Pro Pilot Headset - Dual Plugs

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The Telex Airman 8+ is a lightweight noise-reducing headset designed specifically for optimizing pilot communications in commercial and business turbine aircraft.

Building on the tradition of the Airman 850 and the Airman 8, the Telex Airman 8+ (Plus) has improved ANR capability and comfort. The Airman 8+ is among the lightest Active Noise Reduction headsets on the market and one of only three FAA TSO C139a approved ANR headsets to utilize Telex’s proprietary battery-free system. Larger pliable ear cushions and headband pad combined with dual axis ear cup pivots to provide long flight wearing comfort. Up to 40% more Noise Reduction vs. Airman 8!

The AIRMAN 8+ offers a range of innovative new features for increased comfort, stability and ease-of-use:

  •  ANR reduces fatigue and improves intelligibility
  •  Larger comfortable leatherette ear cushions and sanitary replaceable covers are included
  • Two different sized interchangeable soft headband pads and ultralightweight design for enhanced comfort, even on long flights
  •  Strong stainless steel headband and dual-axis pivot points for increased durability and long headset life
  •  New yoke design provides dual axis adjustments and rotation stabilization

The Telex AIRMAN 8+ meets the highest commercial aviation standards:

  • Excellent ANR performance and microphone noise cancellation ensure superior in-flight communication
  •  Innovative technology eliminates the need for batteries
  • Fully FAA TSO C-139a approved
  • Meets RTCA DO-160G and DO-214A standards
  •  Acoustic limiter protects against sudden increases in sound level
  • Clear voice transmission with high quality amplified electret microphone
  •  Three-year warranty

What's included with your Telex Airman 8 Plus:

  • Telex Airman 8+ Headset
  • Telex Headset Case
  • Clothing Clip
  • 2 Mic Muffs
  • 1 Pair Hygiene Covers

Standard dual plugs for use in most commercial and business aircraft except Airbus.  Also available with an XLR5 connector for Airbus.

Telex Part AIRMAN8P-0210

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