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In Disney's animated movie Planes, Dusty Crophopper gets the once-in-a-lifetime chance to take on the world's fastest flyers! Yet before he can officially take-off for his next big adventure, Dusty visits his trusty mechanical forklift, Dottie, for some quality tuning and fixin'! This play set features moveable parts that are tied to the story so that kids can help run the best service station in town. Place Dusty (sold separately) on the platform, which spins around to reveal what needs to be fixed. Is he out of fuel? Use the gas pump to fill up his tank. Is there an oil spill? Push and pull the orange cones around the mess to alert others. Once all the fixin' is done, these planes look better than new and are revved up and ready to go! Press down on Dottie's lift to reveal an exit out the back – see you next time! Includes Dottie character vehicle. 

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