Pilot USA P-1151ACB Pilot Cadet Headset - Blue/Red

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P-1151C Pilot Cadet

You were only issued one set of ears. Why not protect your children's hearing too? Great for kids who fly with parents or grandparents. Pilot was first to design a headset specifically for children utilizing a smaller headband, foam ear seals, a fully flexible mic boom, and a smaller version of our SuperCushion head pad. In this day and age. Keep them entertained (and quiet) by letting them connect their music input hardware of choice - CD, IPOD, MP3, or Sony PlayStation. As the child grows bigger, you can upgrade his headset's headband to a larger size by calling the manufacturer and requesting a larger headband at no charge. The key to a good fit on a child is that the headset not hang on their head. It needs to fit properly so it is more comfortable for the child.


  • Passive Noise Reduction: (NRR) 24dB
  • Auxiliary audio interface for music - CD, IPOD, MP3 or Sony Playstation.
  • Flex "memory" microphone boom
  • Noise canceling electret microphone
  • Small Headband for Perfect Fit
  • Mini SuperCushion head pad
  • Mono/stereo capability
  • Foam ear seals
  • Individual volume control
  • Weight: 13.9 oz (389grams)
  • Warranty: Three Year Warranty
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