Deluxe Int'l Protractor & Parallel Rule Plotter

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APR’s NEW DCPP-5 Deluxe Douglas International Navigation Combination Protractor and Parallel Rule Plotter has additional advantages for pilots and seamen as well.

The DCPP-5 is designed with high visibility color graphics, a tinted grid, and larger numbers and lines for easier positioning and reading. This plotter eliminates the need to use dividers and parallel rulers. A hole in the center of the instrument is used to conveniently mark and rotate the plotter.

Also included are complete operating instructions with examples to lay out a course or bearing, read the course bearing, use as a parallel rule, find departure or latitude between two positions, find magnetic course or bearing from true course, and to plot lines of position.

WAC/ONC 1:1,000,000 VIS/TERM 1:250,000 Scales.

PVC plastic.  Dimension: 5" x 5"

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